LungCare® Tablet/Sachet

LungCare support healthy breathing, especially years of smoking, seasonal allergies, airbone allergies, long-term bedridden patients.

SynerAid® Neo Sachet

SynerAid is an innovative nutraceutical, recommended only used during infection or other inflammatory conditions to provide synergistic effects with currently treatment to obtain better result.

EyeMax® Neo Tablet

Nutrients of RBG(Red, Blue, Green) colors synergized with moisturing herbal formula for 3C user. EyeMax obtained patent in Taiwan.

UmayC® Neo Tablet/Sachet

UmayC has Acrobio exclusive patent Gentian extract which was honored with USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and China patterns. UmayC formulated with Gentian extract, high concentration cranberry extract and vitamin C.