Acrobio Healthcare Inc. has engaged in ethical channels locally for more than 15 years. Combining the concept of homology between medicine and food, with clinical evidence, Acrobio has being assisting modern medicine in solving medical problems that have not been properly resolved.

Acrobio holds exclusive patents, raw materials and formulas, and its products as nutraceutical supplements are all produced based on pharmaceutical standards.

Products of Acrobio have been appreciated and used by units in hospitals such as urology, family medicine, nursing stations, obstetrics and gynecology, ophthalmology, thoracic, ICU and other medical units. Nowadays, products of Acrobio are also available in clinics, or in pharmacies and medical material stores around hospitals domestically.

Founder's Story

Acrobio emerged upon the inspiration from daily experience

Mr. Chih-Hsiung Lin, the founder of Acrobio, was born in Changhua, Taiwan, and graduated from Taipei Medical University with a major in Pharmacy in 1980. He once had a cold but could not recover entirely when he was young. With traditional Chinese herbal knowledge, he dispensed two doses of herbal medicine for himself. After taking the Chinese medicine, he got well dramatically.  From that day onwards, he has an objective view on traditional medicine and realizes its value in medical and health care.

Professional career lays Chinese and Western medicine foundations

Mr. Lin successively worked in Germany pharmaceutical company, Canada McGill University laboratory, and a well-known pharmaceutical and biotechnology company in Taiwan, and he has been engaged in the R&D and in promoting products related to Chinese and Western medicine.


Embracing life, 

Religion becomes turning points

Because of religion, the founder abandoned his successful embryo research career. 
The founder realized that he could leverage traditional medicine to fulfill needs that don’t properly be solved yet. 
●  2002 Acrobio was established, dedicated to traditional herbal supplements R&D
●  2004 joined National Taiwan University Innovation & Incubation Center.


Combining evidence-based medicine and clinical trials

Select plants and herbals which can be food materials to design products. Combining traditional herbal medicine with western’s to assist modern medicine in solving problems which can’t be solved well. Besides, Acrobio uses evidence and clinical trials to be our foundation.


Obtain multi-national patents and receive countless awards

Mr. Lin, the founder, developed natural herbal supplemeMr. Lin, the founder, developed natural herbal supplements based on Taiwan medical center’s clinical researches and scholarly papers. UmayC obtained Taiwan, Australia, USA, Japan, and Canada’s patents. Besides, we gained many healthcare’ s support and adoption.  


Acrobio’s Brand Concepts-

Integrity, Proficiency, Wellness 


The logo of Acrobio is composed of the sky, grass, and sun. We embrace integrity as our faith and develop products with spirit of humanistic care. Moreover, we are devoted to the research and development of nutraceuticals based on traditional Chinese herbology, and following Western medical theories and experimental methods. All of our products are derived from plants and are suitable for vegetarians.


Strictly Quality Control

Nutraceutical supplements of Acrobio are all produced in ISO 22000 certified foundry, and are stored constantly at 23°C before shipment. Refrigerated trucks are used for delivery to ensure the quality of products.