Company Overview


The founding of Acrobio was inspired by the perplexing relationship between traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine in Taiwanese society. These two medical systems have coexisted in Taiwan for almost a century, during this time much consensus regarding the strengths and shortcomings of each has been formed. Despite this, the structure of the Taiwanese healthcare system and the distribution of healthcare resources have long been dominated by the latter; and despite the evident validity of traditional Chinese medicine, many Taiwanese medical professionals unjustly dismiss it as unworthy of further study or development. Most medical professionals are trained in Western tradition and are seldom involved in the clinical study of traditional Chinese medicine. As a result, there is still a considerable conflict between these two medical systems in Taiwan particularly on the clinical research of traditional-herbology-based nutraceuticals.

It would be highly ironic in the above circumstance since the validity and potential of traditional Chinese herbology continue to come to light, as shown by many studies conducted in the international academia all over the Asia. This is why Acrobio see the great pertinence and opportunity in re-examining traditional Chinese herbology using the Western medical theories and experimental methods. Once again, in order to achieve our ultimate goal, we are working very hard to develop botanical drugs qualified by FDA in USA. And we sincerely hope that our products will speak clearly for our values, thereby inducing more changes in the sector of traditional herbology for the better.

Our patents

  • Composition for prophylaxis or treatment of urinary system infection and thereof. This is a formulation patent for products called UmayC Neo and UmayC Lady
  1. patented by Hong Kong and Australia in 2007.
  2. patented by Japan and Taiwan in 2011.
  3. patented by USA and China in 2012.
  4. patented by Canada in 2015.
  • Composition facilitates the function of retinas. This is a formulation patent for a product called EyeMax Neo
  1. patented by Taiwan in 2009.

About Us

Integrity, Proficiency and Wellness

  • We seek a new height in the standard of Chinese-herbology-based nutraceuticals. 
  • We aim to be the pioneer promoting Chinese-herbology-based nutraceuticals to the global market. 
  • We strive to be the leader brand of clinical trial-evidenced nutraceuticals.

    We are devoted to the research and development of nutraceuticals based on traditional Chinese herbology, and in accordance with Western medical theories and experimental methods. We aim to make nutraceuticals that are needed and trusted by the public and by medical professionals alike. Therefore, our ultimate goal is to develop the botanical nutraceuticals and provide them to the people who need the most throughout the world.

    Modern biotechnology together with a blend of Eastern and Western medical wisdomTM
    We sincerely invite more medical, pharmaceutical and care-giving professionals to engage in the study and advancement of traditional Chinese herbology. We hope that long-term collaborations among these professions can bridge the gap between the Chinese and Western medical traditions, and thereby fully realize the conjoint potential promised by these two systems of thought.